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There's never been a better time to be a insanely rich Texas rancher or an equally rich poseur in the suburbs. With trucks like the GMC Sierra Denali, Ford F-150 Platinum, Dodge Ram Longhorn, and the Chevy Silverado High Texas Rancher Lone Star Ranger 'Murica Edition, you truly can make everyone think that your not just a dickhead, but a insanely rich dickhead.


But, only a few years back, insanely rich dickheads only had the choice of 3 trucks. The GMC Sierra Denali, the Cadillac Escalade (which was only bought when the Mafia needed more room when trasporting dead bodies) and our focus, the Lincoln Mark LT.

In 1999, Lincoln debuted their first luxo-truck at NAIAS, called the Blackwood. Greeted with initial enthusiasm, Ford put it into production, quickly making way to many. Sales figures for 15 months of production was 3,356 total. To give an example, its brother, the Ford F-150 sold 911, 597 units in that year alone.



The Blackwood was the second-most worthless pick-up anyways, coming in a close second behind the Chevy SSR. The Blackwood had a non-removable bed canopy, making carrying anything over a foot tall impossible. Not that you would want to carry anything in the first place, because the entire bed was carpeted. You couldn't even have 4WD. If you have any doubt this was a bad truck, it was designed by Patrick Schiavone, who currently works at Whirlpool as the vice president of design. Yes, that Whirlpool.

Three years later, neglecting to look at their past at all, Lincoln put the new Mark LT into production. This time they included an actual truck bed that you, y'know, could use. Also you could order 4WD in case your had to drive on a dirt road to get to your ski home in Aspen.


Oh, the struggle!

To be fair, the Mark LT sold more than 2x better than the Blackwood in its first year. Total production was 36,817 units, which is just enough to establish a negative stereotype. Also the Canadians had the chance to opt-in on the fun for this generation too.


Of course, Canada wasn't the only country unfortunate enough to get the Lincoln pick-up twins. Our neighbor to the south, Mexico, got them both, unlike the Canadians who only got one.

But that's the thing, the Mexicans loved their Lincoln luxury pickups.So much, in fact, that the Mark LT still continues to produced there today, based off the current F-150.


Say what?

Meet the Lincoln Mark LT 2nd generation. Literally a Ford F-150 with a different grill, steering wheel, and leather. And you thought Pontiac made some horrible rebadges.


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